She still needs us. Of course she still needs us. But not just for the next milestones or for the goals of tomorrow or the promises of the future. She needs us for yesterday as well. 

I started to walk away from his idling car, half of my heart still back at home, leaving soft kisses on those warm little cheeks. The other half of it wandering thousands of miles ahead, strolling the city streets with wide eyes and a mind ready for a much-needed dose of inspiration and wonder.

I don't have a ton in common with most of the moms at our school. Our lives are different, our interests vary, our schedules look nothing alike. But this week, these days, we have everything in common. One thing in common. And it's the most important thing in the world.

But then I also want her to know that those best friends come and go in life. That some times, they let you down. That some days, you let them down. That old friends move on in new directions and new friends find you and fill your heart.

I was doing absolutely nothing with my daughter. And it was everything.I was showing her that no to-do list or email or chore was more important. I was showing her that I could slow the whole world down just for her.

We say yes because there are a lot of kids (or shall I say moms) out there who say no. And more importantly, there are a lot of lonely kids out there who are waiting, hoping, wishing for a yes.

If you are unlucky enough to know them and to have witnessed them in your child's life, you may know that this post is coming from a place of unconditional love. And exhaustion. And frustration.But mostly love.

I know, it sounds clich√© for every woman in her late 30s. We all want to do a little less. Slow down. Come in last place some days. Not racing anyone or anywhere or anything.