Clearing energy


Tonight I had my chakras cleared by an energy healer who burped through a good portion of the session. 

At first I thought it was accidental. An innocent reaction to her lunch or her late afternoon kombucha. A quick burp that erupted out of nowhere during my first treatment with her, seemingly innocuous. 

Until another came along. And then another, more pronounced. And then several more. 

All I could picture in my mind was my best friend from high school sitting in the corner of this small wellness practice on a Tuesday night just two miles from the beach, surrounded by buddhas and crystals and symbols of serenity and energy…busting a gut laughing at me. My whole friendship with him has been a synchronized dance of him letting out disgusting burps and other sounds while I stare at him in disgust and chastise him with rolled eyes and wonder – once more – how the universe possibly decided to pair the two of us in a friendship that is almost three decades strong. 

In my mind’s eye, he is sitting in the corner, laughing. This has to be a practical joke on me. It has to be something he set up from his home three thousand miles away. There is a camera hidden somewhere and he is laughing…as always. Because I took a big step today to come to an energy healer and to embrace talk of chakras and the gods and crystals and the other side for the first time. I took a big leap today putting my time and my faith and a little of my hard-earned money in someone I found on the internet who promised the spiritual enlightenment and inner healing I am so desperately looking for in my life right now. I took a huge jump outside of my comfort zone today, wanting to learn more about myself on a deeper, more significant level. 

So of course I found someone who is burping as she is clearing my energy.

She quickly explained that as the energy in me began to loosen and move and work its way through her, it could make her burp. It was natural. Normal. A little odd, but standard practice.

He is crying with laughter now. Tears are running down his cheeks. 

I tried to focus and then it became unbearable and I found my inner voice speaking aloud and admitting that it was distracting. Politely, of course. I understand it’s your process, I heard myself say. Even though my mind didn’t really believe it. I am just having trouble focusing my mind and moving past it. 

He is slapping his knees now. He can’t catch his breath because he is laughing so hard. 

She hurriedly apologized profusely. She promised to do her best to control it moving forward in the session. She moved onto my next chakra and gently led it to open and release and free the blocked energy that had been stored there for…how long? Who knows. My mind relaxed into the session again. Trying to find my center, to listen to her prompts (now burp-free) and embrace the process and root myself in this exercise knowing that it’s just a small piece of a big puzzle for me right now, but an important one, nonetheless. 

And I quietly smiled at my best friend. I silently thanked him for being there, without even knowing it. For laughing at the scenario and helping me to do the same. For clearing the energy in the room and in my heart, allowing it to be open to more. And I realized right then that a lot of the work I want to do in the future, for my future, because of my future…will find its way from my past. And that I should be forever grateful for that.  

It just might be with a different healer. 

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